Care advice

Care advice

Medecine Douce jewellery is designed and made by hand in Paris, in our own workshop and in the workshops of Parisian craftsmen and women who we have selected the excellence and quality of their work.

We believe that this craftsman production is a guarantee of free creation that is renewed by the use of substances and materials that may differ from one collection to another. Made by hand in small production runs, our jewellery contains irregularities caused by this production method and the use of natural materials. In our workshop, each jewellery item we make is carefully scrutinised and checked at every stage in production to guarantee its quality.

However, the choice of finesse in terms of design and of certain materials that are fragile by nature means that our jewellery is sometimes slightly fragile. We therefore recommend the following to help you preserve your jewellery item for as long as possible:

-          Keep it on its own in its cotton case, away from sources of moisture

-          Avoid prolonged contact with water

-          Avoid contact with perfumes and cosmetic products

-          Do not use cleaning products or solvents

-          Do not wear your jewellery item while you are involved in a physical activity

-          Do not wear it while you are asleep.

More specifically, certain maintenance techniques are recommended, depending on the materials.

Jewellery gilded with 24 carats gold

These jewellery items have a brass base covered with a layer of 24-carat gold 0.5 microns thick. The process is carried out by specialists Parisian craftsmen and women with a reputation for excellence, which guarantees the long life of our jewellery.

Gold takes on a slight patina over time and may lose some of its brilliance. If you want to revive this brilliance, use a soft cloth without any product and rub gently without touching the fabric or leather parts, if there are any.

If the gilding is prematurely damaged and allows the brass to show through, please contact our customer department: or +33 1 82 83 11 53

Fabric and/or leather jewellery

This type of jewellery is made with 100% cotton thread and/or dipped lambskin, a supple, delicate material.

To protect this type of jewellery against premature wear, we recommend avoiding all contact with water and storing them in a dry place.

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